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three of the films on this page feature real penguins

There are two Films on this Page, Each has significance as Filmed Art.

we feel that this is the type of Entertainment that Teaches and Enlightens. Pengey says, “Enjoy these fine Films.”

Movie Two: A King penguin, that lives in Japan with his human family. The family saved the penguin from the fishery some 15 years ago when he was just a baby. Now he does the grocery shopping, and has his own air conditioned room.  Running Time: 2 min.

Movie Four: LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA - A short film in the style of March of the Penguins

The breading cycle of the emperor penguin is an amazing thing. This is a National Geographic quality film. Running Time: 6 minutes

Movie One: An actual film clip from “March of The Penguins” This clip is narrated by Morgan Freedman. This images are of a baby emperor penguin and the very first steps it takes in the real and ruthlessly cold world of Antarctica. A lovely and charming film.