Pengey Penguin Short Stories
John Burns

Desolation Cafe’ ©

Pengey decides to go back to Antarctica, but he is sidetracked by fate. Packing himself inside a Fed Ex Airmail Delivery Box, what should have been a simple , uncomplicated trip becomes  a ‘one mistake after another’ situation with unsuspected consequences. What might have been huge misfortune leads the defeat of the bad guys and maybe saving a little cafe’ that holds the livelihood of two little mice.

22 pages

A funny and heartwarming story with a Christmastime feel.

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Pengey and the Ladybug ©
Now Pengey is a penguin and he doesn’t know much about insects. But when he saves Frances the Ladybug from drowning he also finds he has a lot of responsibilities. A tall tale that teaches the importance of the ladybug in the environment and other facts and the responsibility of owning a pet. 

28 pages

Pengey Penguin and the Winter Olympics ©

Wandering down Fifth Avenue one very cold day, Pengey Penguin sees that all the televisions in the store windows are on the channel showing the Winter Olympics.

And since snow and ice and wintery weather and all things fun on the ice and snow are part of his expertise he decides that he would be a shoe-in for the U.S. Olympic Team.

After all, Pengey thought, I am an expert on winter time activities.

But before going off to join the team, Pengey decides to impress his fury friends that live in Central Park around the Duck Pond with his display of various penguin-like skills.

Pengey decides he will win the gold medal.

There’s Sonja Bunny, Barrington Badger, Lionel Macaw and Dexter Squirrel all of whom are  

are not so sure it’s a good idea.

10 pages.

Pengey and the Fishing Net


John Burns

Pengey Penguin loves to hang out with his friends, at the duck pond, in New York’s Central Park. There’s a lot more fun and games going on out there than humans are aware of.

Pengey loves to swim in the duck pond and is crazy about the tasty little silver fish he get to eat when he can catch the very fast fish. Sonja Bunny can’t understand how Pengey can eat fish, nor can the rest of his fury vegetarian friends.

On his way home from school one day, Pengey finds a potato sack. He takes it back to Wendy’s apartment and with her help builds a fishing net. Much to the astonishment of all his little animal friends the fishing net actually works.

Pengey is delighted to know that he can catch his favorite fish easily and in great abundance and especially happy that it’s very easy to do. Day after day Pengey over eats.

To the dismay of his friends and himself,  Pengey quickly gets fat and lazy, while practically destroying the ecosystem of the duck pond. Before long the air around the duck pond is thick with the same mosquitos that the mosquito fish would have eaten had Pengey not eaten them all.

Could it be the ecological disaster is actually Pengey’ s fault? You’ll find out when you read this funny and fact filled, 35 page short story.

Engages childhood obesity, over fishing and sensible environmental protection.

Pengey Penguin and The Leprechaun ©

Pengey Penguin decides to explore the Atlantic Ocean, after all the ocean is where he was meant to live.

Along his way he sees a magnificent rainbow, the colors of which as so deep and rich he is mesmerized by it. He tries and tries to find the end of that rainbow and eventually ends up swimming to the shores of a beautiful Emerald Green Island know as Ireland.

As the day passes he find the rainbows end but I won’t tell what he finds that a particularly grumpy Leprechaun is guarding.

20 pages of Wonder and Irish Lore in a Pengey Penguin sort of way.

Pengey Penguin and The Boogie-Man ©

Pengey doesn't have the slightest notion about Halloween but while walking home from school with his schoolmate fills him in on all the monsters that populate the Hallowed Eve.

The brave little penguin is not pleased to know about zombies, vampires, ghouls and the like, in fact he is scared and moreover found the boogie-man to be the most fearsome.

Pengey’s fears are calmed by his old human friend assurances that Halloween is all pretend.

Happily Pengey goes home only to find more trouble than he could imagined. It seems that there was a real live boogie-man stuck in his apartment.

The boogie-man tried to be frightful but Pengey Penguin was having none of it because he knew that the boogie-man was just pretend.

But there’s more to this story than meets the eye and Pengey is there to help in a very Pengey Penguin sort of way.