The Further Adventures of Pengey Penguin

A modern day classic where Pengey Penguin grows up a little, just like the young reader who eagerly read Pengey One. 

Pengey Penguin takes us on a memorable journey through New York City where twists of fate and minor miracles lead to the clues, keys to solving a crime that Pengey and his animal friends are determined to solve . 

In this cliffhanger story, a whole new cast of characters will help or confound Pengey in his tireless efforts to save Christmas for the children who lodge at the Tiny Tattered Orphanage.

324 Pages • 47 chapters • Hard Cover Only  • Not in stores • Not at Amazon. 

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All ages 5 - Up

A novel in three parts for kids and parents who love to read.

The best snuggle-time read-aloud book on the planet TM ®

This is a very rare book.
This is a story your children will treasure forever. 


Part One

After months of rough road and high adventure, Pengey finds himself happily reunited with Wendy, his adopted human mom. But the good time doesn’t last very long because the climate in New York is not something Pengey’s built for. Quite frankly the temperature, while cold for humans, has made him very sick. Luck is on Pengey’s side when Wendy finds a good doctor who knows about penguin health matters. During his stay at the animal sanctuary Pengey makes some new friends, and adjustments to the climate.

Part Two

Pengey is unprepared for life with Wendy and the traditions and laws of mankind. Each experience teaches the littlest penguin a little more about how to survive among humans in the very Big City of New York. Life in the strange land of humans couldn’t be more fascinating and very often confusing. Where can he go swimming and fishing? What is a Sushi Bar?  Who are all those furry little animals that live in Central Park? Where can a  small penguin, buy a plaid tie and fedora? Can penguins ride on the subway? So much for Pengey to learn in his new life in the City.

Part Three

You’ll spend some time with Pengey as he tries to help Wendy, at the Television station where she works. He really wants to be helpful. Still all those little animals that live in Central Park are what has his attention. It’s a good thing that Pengey can speak Animal so well, because no one that lives in the park has ever met a penguin.

Being the friendly and curious little guy he is, Pengey quickly finds himself embroiled in a new adventure of, ‘Big City Proportions’. A terrible crime has been committed against the children who live at the Tiny Tattered Orphanage. A villainous gang has stolen all their Christmas presents! The police have found no clues.

Pengey decides that he is a Private Eye, that he can find the culprits and return the gifts to the orphaned children before Christmas morning. He knows he can’t do it alone. He gets together with his oldest friend, Lionel Macaw, and all his new animal friends, and together they set out to find the evildoers and bring them to justice; the problem is the bad guys have left no clues.

It’s here that Pengey takes us on a memorable journey where an unlikely character, twists of fate, and minor miracles come into play for the reader and orphans of the Tiny Tattered Orphanage.

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