The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin

A modern day fairy tale that bashfully reinforces the universal values of friendship, trust, courage, and honesty.

You and your little ones will take an amazing journey when Pengey sets out from Antarctica to find Wendy, his adopted human mom. Problem is, Wendy lives in New York City and Pengey lives in Antarctica.

This story is exciting but not frightening. It should be read aloud to the 4 to 8 set, or as soon as they tire of their picture books. It can be read alone by some children as young as six, but the medium age for unassisted reading is eight. 

Reading to your younger children is the best way for them to enjoy the story and a bonding experience for the child that they will never forget.

4 to 6 - Read it to me-6 to 8 Read it together--9 up will read it over and over again.
This book is loved by and often recommended by teachers and librarians. 
It is extremely popular in the Christian Community and has somehow acquired the subtitle>>>>>>>>> >>  “A Bedtime Story for the Soul”

197 pages • 33 chapters • 21 Illustrations • Hard Cover Only 
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About this book

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This is a children’s novel or chapter book. The chapters always end with little cliffhangers making it perfect for bedtime reading or anytime reading.  It compares in story, life lessons and core family values to Charlotte’s Web, Pinocchio and The Little Prince.

The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin is the story of a very small orphan that loved the woman who saved him from starvation and his trials as he searches the world to find her. With the help of his unlikely friend Lionel, an extremely large Macaw who has always been a lazybones, Pengey finds a willing spirit who will help him immeasurably and someone who he will become entwined with as the two save each others lives time and time again.

How all this unfolds is John Burns' story. It is a tall tale of the magic of friendship, travel through unknown territories, the struggle for survival and success.

The twenty-one black-and-white drawings by James Coles have the charm, life and appeal that speak to children. They still help tell this saga, this marvelous story by John Burns and they still enchant new generations of readers, without hesitation.

About Pengey Penguin

Pengey is the very heart-beat the story. It's essential to recognize his unique personality. He's humble, always polite and very well-mannered. He is also as naïve as the day is long but a quick study and as smart as a whip. That makes Pengey adorable.

Fact is, he exhibits human like characteristics, is extremely intelligent and can speak any language on first hearing it.

No matter how involved or urgent his troubles . . . no matter how evil the villains he will escape from . . . Pengey is always the same sweet, unassuming little guy. When faced with the unknown or difficult situations he, "Ponders his Options."  He knows success depends on being prepared and he passes on these wisdoms to his readers.

The story is fun and fanciful . . . compelling and adventurous and contains a small smattering of evil villainy, some skin-of-the teeth, narrow escapes and bad guys that fall down, down, down--never-to-be-seen-again.

Some where along its path of existence,  this little book acquired the subtitle that describes it to a ‘T’ because it actually is,

“A Bedtime Story For The Soul."


History, Awards and Recommendations

Seventeen years ago, on November 25, 2005, John Burns', The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin was published. It won the Family Choice Award, USA Best Book Award and was also honored with a special commendation from the Teacher's Choice Awards. It went on to become a very popular book that has now become rare. It is difficult to find used as families tend view it as a keepsake and save to their library.



Author's Den Professional Review

Molly's Reviews - by Molly Martin

Satisfyingly Enjoyable and Highly Recommended

The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin

As do many good tales of mythic proportion, this one starts with, "Once upon a time."

What you will hold in your hands is a marvelously engaging fantasy tale especially meant to be read to the 4--8 set and to be read for pleasure by the middle grader.

Pengey is a polite, inquisitive little emperor penguin who becomes orphaned before he even feathers out.Through plucky determination he determines that rather than just sit around and wait to die from cold or starvation he will set out to at least find food enough to keep himself alive.

Pengey faces what appear to be nearly insurmountable struggles during his first days away from his colony; his efforts are not very successful when he meets Wendy who will play a huge role in his future life.

The epic tale ofPengey's journey to safety helps further the life lesson that many steps, small triumphs may not insure immediate success but can bring the hardest goal into reach.

Some of Pengey's adventures are just plain fun, some a bit hair-raising, all are filled with the charisma and determination of the little penguin who is the main character of this one of a kind imaginative offering.

I do not keep all the books I receive for review. John Burns' The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin is one I will put in my bag for use when I begin volunteering or subbing at local schools.

Highly Recommended

35 years classroom teacher

The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin

“A bedtime story for the Soul”

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Winner of 2006 Family Choice Awards

USA Book News Awards Finalist 2006

Teacher’s Choice Recommended

One of the Most Loved

Independently Produced

Children’s Novels in the World

This book was designed for adults to read to kids 4-8 but is loved by all children. 

“The Best Snuggle-Time Read-Aloud Book on the Planet”