Pengey Penguin Approved T-SHRITS come in Small, Medium and Large. They are Hanes Tagless, heavy weight, 100% Cotton - Available in white only.             

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               Style One

         “Adrift at Sea”


                Style Two 

“Pengey to the Rescue”


The Absolutely Amazing and “Very Official” Pengey Button

As you know, no true Pengey Fan is complete without a Pengey Button.  Many of Pengey’s fans have sent us long letters about how their Pengey Button dramatically changed their life, or brought them good luck. Perhaps there’s Pengey magic in them.

“The Very Official Pengey Button” $2.50 - Get two free on orders over $50

“Adrift at Sea”

“Pengey to the Rescue”

“Heroes’ Balloon Ride”

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Pengey Penguin at
your service!

The “Art of Pengey Penguin,”

These enchanting images created, by artist James Coles, define some of Pengey’s charm and personality. They’re sure to brighten the bedroom of any Pengey Fan. They are printed using six color archival ink, on the highest quality photo paper available and framed in the acid free matt stock - color is buttercup yellow. They are shipped in a clear Polypropylene envelope. We recommend that Pengey’s color plates be framed under glass to preserve brilliant color and the meticulous detail.

Color plate measures 5”x7” - Matt 8”x10”   $10 each or Collect all 3 for $25

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2 for $22.00

3 for $30.00

Children’s Sizes

Small for age 3 to 7

Medium for age 7 to 9

Large for age 8 to 12

Large will fit small framed

adults to 140 pounds.

Men to 120 Pounds

Women’s 6 Petite

We have temporarily suspended the sale of all Pengey penguin Art Work