Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians of all Pengey Fans, 
Those of you who have yet to read the Pengey Penguin Classics might like to know a few things about Pengey, his books and this web site. We sell first edition, hard bound copies of the Pengey Penguin Classic. They are never discounted and are rarely found used. Although we have seen used copies on Amazon that cost more that new copies sold here. This website is the only source for the award winning sequel. The Further Adventures of Pengey Penguin, or Pengey Two.

The Pengey Penguin Classics are, at first, read-aloud books. They can to be read to your child at very early age. We recommend age five, but they can be read to a younger child especially if they really like to snuggle and read.  The popularity of Pengey books crosses all ages. They’re enjoyed adults and loved by children. 
TRUE FACT: Pengey’s oldest known reader is 93, the youngest known reader/fan is 
3 and a half. The most copies of Pengey One ever sold to one person is 46.

The Best Snuggle-Time Read-Aloud Books on the Planet ®
A primary goal of San Francisco Story Works and author John Burns is to help you help your kids fall in love with reading and therefore become life long readers.  You provide the snuggle-time . . . we provide the wholesome adventures filled with life lessons and natural science . . . stories that are populated with characters who are unique. We have villains that are villainous (but not too scary) and good guys that are memorable clever and smart . . . the kind of good guys you want your kids to emulate.  
It’s been proven over and over that once a child falls in love with a particular character in a story the more attracted they become to the written word and will always seek out new and exciting stories to read.
Testimonies on the charms, educational aspects, and sheer enjoyment of thePengey Penguin Classics can be found under the many REVIEWS from parents, educators, and kids of all ages.Reviews.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Four Professional Reviews

“This beautifully crafted novel is about a tiny penguin who uses his intelligence, courage, and good manners to survive from one challenge to the next. How he avoids disaster and remains so humble and polite is what make this charismatic little penguin so charming and his story so endearing. I’m amazed to see how kids of all ages gravitate to this story and how strongly they connect with Pengey. There are so many life lessons and tidbits of natural science wrapped up between the covers, it’s hard to imagine how the author included them all while making this tall tale so entertaining. This is a remarkable story that’s full of hope but is never preachy. It is an honest to goodness classic and one you do not want your children to miss.

Debra Cardoni Head Librarian • Hamlin School for Girls • San Francisco, CA

“A charming tale that teaches it’s life lessons effortlessly. It is filled with terrific characters, twists and turns, and is sure to capture the reader’s heart from the very first page. A pure delight!”

Midwest Book Reviews

“Pengey Penguin is a role model that has been absent from children’s literature. He is a naive baby emperor penguin who is kind, polite, smart and a caring soul who would put himself in harms way to save a friend. Through the examples Pengey sets by his impeccable manners, as well as his charm and tenacity we observe, in his efforts, the kind of perseverance needed. These traits are are important for a developing mind to see. The story of naive curiosity, intelligent decisions, and the importance of diverse friendship creates safe-haven for children in their wonder years by the examples set by Pengey Penguin and the characters who befriend him on his travels.

A significant contribution to the world of children’s literature and a return to family values not seen in decades.

Dr. Stanley Allsup • Principal Los Angeles Unified School District (Ret.)

“Most children will enjoy this book. Pengey Penguin is a charismatic wonder. The other characters are fresh and unique and the story goes straight to the heart. Life lessons and real science are woven in to the storyline in such a way that they become part of it, making the information easy to understand and effortless to remember.”

The text has been arrange on the page in such a way so as to encourage the slow and reluctant reader. Very Clever!

The Teacher’s Choice Awards, 2006

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