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The popular, Adventures of Pengey Penguin has been completely rewritten. What was 197 pages action and

adventure is now 207 pages. It’s a fuller easier to read story that includes three never before seen illustrations.

Since Pengey was released, the idea of improving the whole experience of Pengey’s Many Adventures came to mind. Mr. Burns kept meticulous notes. Durning this last year, Mr. Burns decided release the e-book. He engaged a new editor and we set to work to bring your child’s journey with Pengey an even more satisfying experience.

We are happy to say that the rewrite was completed without altering the personalities of the characters or the innocence or excitement of the storyline. If anything has changed it is that there’s is a certain feeling of urgency that is more pronounced.

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AMAZON  -- APPLE I-Book -- BARNES and NOBLE sells first edition library quality, hardbound copies of Pengey’s Adventures. They are available in our bookstore.

Don’t forget to ask for MR. BURNS’ autograph.

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Carol Foster


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