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General Questions•

Carol Foster - President San Francisco Story Works

Leslie Farnsworth Executive Assistant to Mr. Burns



Office Hours 9 AM to 5:30 PM • Pacific Standard Time

We have a small but active office, please leave a message and someone

will get back to you as they’re free.

Have your kids call Pengey in Santa’s workshop at the North Pole.

The phone line magically appears in this spot every year around Christmastime.

Call Pengey and Santa on Christmas Eve

Between the hours of 6  and 12 PM Eastern Standard Time

Ho! Ho! Ho!This call will be a regular long distance call from a land line.

From a cell phone the call is practically free.

This is not a scam. Pengey or Santa will answer the phone.

Conversation is always kept brief and cheerful. We hope you’ll call.

Pengey loves talking to kids and the young at heart.

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Mail Orders are easy

Make your check payable to San Francisco Story Works

Pengey One - $22.00

Pengey Two - $32.00

Both Books - $52.00

Prices include S&H

Send along a note If you want your books autographed.

Your books ship the day we receive your check.