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The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin

A first novel for kids by Author

John Burns

This is modern fairytale that bashfully reinforces the universal values of friendship, trust, courage, and honesty.

197 Pages • 21 Illustrations • 33 Chapters 

Hard Cover Library Quality Only

The Best Snuggle-Time Read-Aloud book on the Planet

An honest to goodness book that recreates great storytelling from the past with

fresh original characters and a storyline that is truly an instant classic.

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                                    The Further Adventures of Pengey Penguin

                                A first novel for kids by Author

                                              John Burns                                                                                                              

he Perfect sequel and an amazing journey that leaves you hungry for more.


Pengey reunites with Wendy, his adopted Human mom, for an uncomplicated life in New York City. But what could Wendy possibly know about raising a baby penguin, and what could Pengey Penguin possibly know about life in the big city and all the fury animals that live in Central Park?

A three part novel-

324 Pages • 47 Chapters • Hard Cover Only

The best snuggle-time, read-aloud book on the planet


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Price  $32.00

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