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This Episode is second to the last in the series.

It also has some sound effect but no music.

Here’s the Audio Book of Pengey and The Ladybug- Suitable. It’s for all ages and a wonder for those with impaired vision.

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Pengey and the LadybugRated G - All Audiences - Running Time 28 minutes

The perfect story for a rainy day or snuggle-time and a nice hot cup of coco. Pengey Penguin takes us on a little side trip. It was very early that morning and Pengey’s hunger had his tummy throwing quite the hissy fit. Wendy was still asleep, so Pengey decided to see if he could catch some fish over at the duck pond in Central Park.

It should have been routine trip to the park but a cheerful Blue Bird had put Pengey in quite a fix.

The silver lining that day was the discovery of a ladybug named Frances who had a broken wing and could not fly. Pengey takes it on himself to rescue Frances from drowning.  He did so just in time so Francis could help rid the park of  terrible bug that threatened the destruction of the parks loveliest rose bush.

This free short story,  was written, narrated and produced as an audio book by author John Burns. We hope you enjoy the show and tells others about it.

Pengey Penguin’s Christmas Poem

Written  by

John Burns


Pengey Penguin


Steinway Grand Piano

by Mr. James Murdock

‘A Night Before Christmas’

Audio Theater

Written by

John Burns

Based on, ‘The Night Before Christmas’


Clement C. Moore


Pengey Penguin


Santa Claus

Mrs. Claus

Elf Maggie

Brian the Stableboy


John Burns


Steinway Grand Piano


Mr. James Murdock

Sound Effects and Recording


San Francisco Story Works